Elpidan Coating Thickness Gauges

Wide Range of Digital portable Coating Thickness Guage with Internal or External probe.


Elpidan ET400 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

The intelligent and hand-held ultrasonic thickness gauge is controlled by a microprocessor, which can measure thickness and sound speed of various materials quickly, accurately and without damage by ultrasonic measurement

Color Screen HD ِِDisplay

High contrast LCD with backlit display


Elpidan S85 Sound Level Meter

New small and protable digital sound level meter wiht Dtata storage and Bluetooth function

APP for Mobile phone

The digital sound level meter is equipped with APP for mobile phone which communicates with the meter through Bluetooth and offers various operations of sound level meter.The meter has recording function, up to 20,000 data can be recorded (App is just for the Bluetooth version only).


Elpidan S700 Infrared Thermometer

S700 Infrared thermometer is used for measuring the temperature of the object's surface, which is applicable for various hot, hazardous or hard-to-reach objects without contact safely and quickly.



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