S85 Sound Level Meter

S85 Sound Level Meter

The appearance design of digital sound level meter is novel,small and portable(App is just for the bluetooth version only).

The digital sound level meter is applicable for measurement of noise engineering, quality control, health prevention and various environmental noise,including noise measurement in such various places as factories, offices, transporting routes,families, stereo equipme nt and other places..


With APP for Mobile Phone

The digital sound level meter is equipped with APP for mobile phone which communicates with the meter through Bluetooth and offers various operations of sound level meter.

The meter has recording function. Up to 20,000 data can be rocorded



  • Measurement range: 30~130dBA
  • Accuracy:±1.5dB  
  • Frequency Response: 31.5Hz~8KHz
  • Frequency Weighting Features: A Weighting
  • Resolution: 0.1dB
  • Working Temperature and Humidity: 0~40℃,10~80%RH
  • Weight: 96.38g(Excluding Battery )
  • Size: 56.1*177*36.03mm


  • Equipped with APP for mobile phone
  • Up to 20,000 data can be recorded
  • MIN/MAX/ Lock current value.
  • Hold the measurement data.
  • LCD backlight function.
  • Manual/auto-shutoff.
  • Backlight alarming


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